Fauna in our Backyard : The Great Blue Heron

Every year, in June/July, Cranmore Mountain Lodge welcomes the Great Blue Heron. Our pond stocked with trout, but also home for frogs, salamanders, crayfish and giant dragonflies, is the ultimate fine restaurant for this bird that can swallow a whole fish (and chock on it!).

Great Blue Heron at Cranmore Mountain Lodge
The Great Blue Heron at the top of one of our tallest trees in the backyard, waiting for us to go away to fish in our pond!

 We can see it everyday, especially in the early morning or in the evening, flying above our property, standing tall on the tallest branch of the tallest tree around, or by the water waiting patiently for its food. It’s a big bird, standing three to four feet tall, with a wingspan of almost six feet, with blue-gray feathers, a pointed yellow bill and long legs.


Great Blue Heron at Cranmore Mountain Lodge White Mountains New Hampshire
The Great Blue Heron trying to hide from us in all the branches of the tree

In the fall, it migrates south and comes back every year (sometimes 2 of them) to Cranmore Mountain Lodge. After all, we are a great Bed & Breakfast, for everyone!


This picture was taken in the fall, before the migration. The Great Blue Heron eats a lot of frogs and definitely our trout!