Forgetful Guests!

People on vacations and away from their usual routine are often distracted.

The first thing that people forget even before arriving at their destination is …their brain, if we may say. More people than you would think forget which hotel they booked! They stand at the front desk and want to check in but their name is not on our arrival list. They didn’t print their reservation confirmation and they can’t find the confirmation email on their cell phone or tablet. After a few calls to neighbor hotels to check if their name appear on their records, we send them their way to search for their room. This is not a good way to start your vacations, so you should definitely ALWAYS print at least the first page of your confirmation email (and simple directions in case your GPS is not up-to-date).

When it’s time to check out, the hotel room should be searched thoroughly for belongings: not only under the beds, but in the bed linen itself, drawers, closets, bathroom vanities, shower, plugs, behind the bathroom door…. Cell phone chargers, clothing articles (mostly socks and underwear), pillows, toiletries, earings and bracelets, eyeglasses (prescription and sunglasses alike), medications, shoes (even snowboard shoes),  books are the most common items forgotten.

To respect our guest privacy, we won’t return anything unless the object is claimed. Exceptions are made however for items of high value like passports and laptops. When items are not claimed within 2 to 3 weeks, we give them to charity or the hotel staff.

Many guests call to get their pillow returned, but so few claim their phone or laptop charger that we have an entire drawer filled with all brands possible. If you forgot your charger at home, chances are we can help you!

Among odd things that we found in the rooms and that were claimed, was a gun locked into a case a police officer forgot in the room closet. He realized this when he was back home and as he had to work the next morning, he had to drive all the way back here to pick it up and drive back home for the second time (he drove a total of 15 hours that day).

We also received a call once from California of a young man who had forgotten “something” in the night table drawer and wanted it back. He didn’t want to say what was that something, which was a big box of preservatives for sensitive skin. Although we told him he could probably buy a new box in California that would cost less than paying the shipping fee, he wanted his box back. So we brought it to the UPS store that processed it (and had a good laugh about it).

Finally, we had a group of college students whose stay was offered by one of their father. They were surprised to stay at a Bed and Breakfast and not a motel. After talking to them about our non-smoking policy, and the fact we were a quiet bed and breakfast and not a place to party at night for the respect of the other guests, they checked-out that same evening in a hurry, in the middle of a snow storm… and forgot a small box containing marijuana and pipes. Needless to say, these were never claimed…