Mountain Coaster at Cranmore

On December 19, 2010, I finally had the time to try the new mountain coaster on Cranmore Mountain, thanks to complimentary tickets!

I went with my 19 year old son, Antoine,  who works for us during his winter break and my 9 year old daughter, Claire. My son is a fan of everything roller coaster, the fastest and the scariest, the better. My daughter is typically the little girl who will be scared at first but willing to try anyway. And I suffer frequently from motion sickness, especially in that kind of ride (watch below)! It was though reassuring to know that we completely control the speed of the ride.

The first ride, I went with my daughter who was sitting in front of me and filming the ride. I didn’t go full speed as 1) I was a bit scared 2) I didn’t want her to let go of the camera 3) she was scared too! The second ride, she went with her brother who didn’t brake at all and went full speed. The third ride, she went back with me and wanted me to go full speed but I couldn’t help but brake at some curves. It can actually go very fast!

At the end we all agreed : we love it! It is really worth a try, and for those who do not ski, you can spend a really nice afternoon with a combo ticket giving you 3 rides on the Mountain Coaster and 2-hour tubing of the tubing hill right next to it, for just $35! You can also choose to do just one ride for $9 or the 3-ride only.

And when you stay at Cranmore Mountain Lodge, we can provide you with discounted vouchers that gives you the choice between 2-hour tubing and 3 mountain coaster rides, for just $19, with upgrades possible on the mountain. You can also take advantage of our All Inclusive Cranmore Ski & Play Package, which includes lift tickets, tubing or mountain coaster tickets, lodging, breakfast, dinner voucher and more…

For more information about the mountain coaster, click here!