Our pond fauna : Brown and Rainbow Trout

We usually stock our pond each year with rainbow trout, between 50 and 100 depending on how many survived the wildlife (otters, blue herons, raccoons)  that love our Bed and Breakfast as much as our guests do. Rainbow trout are fun for the fisherman as they are easy to catch (basically any bait works) and they put up a good fight.

But this year, rainbow trout have not been doing good at the hatchery and we were delivered 8-10” brown trout instead.

So what is the difference between both trout?


The usual size of rainbows found in streams and ponds is between 6 and 12 inches and less than one pond. In larger lakes, however, 3-5 pound rainbows can be caught. Brown trout are usually between 7 and 14 inches and weigh less than one pound, while it is not uncommon to find fish that weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. Live bait, spinners and flies fished at dusk are equally effective on brown trout.

Both species thrives in pure cold water such as our pond, but brown trout prefer deep, quiet pools that are usually warmer. It is much more wary than other trout which help ensure its longevity in waters where other trout get fished out. They love to go under cover (logs, under cuts in the bank, rock shelves, overhanging trees and brush) and feed mostly when it is dark.

This means that the trout in our pond this year are going to be much more difficult to catch for our guests, and hopefully for the wildlife as well, and will require a bit more patience to fish!




Did you know ? 

NH State record:

Brown trout : 32.50”, 16 lbs 6 oz, in the Connecticut river Pittsburg, by Ken Reed Jr on 7/4/1975

Rainbow trout : 35.50”, 15 lbs 7.2 oz, in the Pemigewasset River Bristol, by Lance King on 9/16/1996


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