Wonderful Fall Foliage… as always!

We had a pretty cold week last week, followed by a wet (very wet!) and warm weekend. The leaves were just starting to change colors, but now it is like suddenly the incomparable New England Fall foliage is here with all its splendor.

Looking out at the mountains that surround us, and right in our backyard, the foliage is now very noticeable with its bright red, orange and yellow colors, and even purple (Sumac leaves). The weather is much better today, although still cloudy, so I took some beautiful pictures right in our backyard.


Even though the season is here, I don’t remember seeing flights of ducks and geese going South yet! The hummingbirds are gone, but the blue heron that is visiting us (or rather our pond stocked with trout) every day is still showing up and fishing.

I can’t believe that in about 3 weeks from now, Fall foliage will be over… but Halloween, one of my favorite Holiday, will be right there to brighten the last days of October. We are already getting ready for the Ghost and Goblin Trail and I can’t wait to decorate our front door with the new props I bought!